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Welcome to  Angelina’s Timeless Treasures

When you've tried the rest buy from the best!
Our wooden roses come from the original manufacturer who created & mastered the wooden roses.
Not only do we promise to beat any price, We also promise to give you the best customer service & best quality.
Our wholesale centre, based in Colorado, delivers a wide range of floral products and accessories next day to businesses Nationwide in the USA. We offer a reliable and prompt service to North America and Europe.
Wooden Roses are made up petals from birch wood, leaves from fiber and the stem of the flower is constructed from a bendable wire wrapped in special and realistic green paper.
We offer many different color choices of wooden roses to choose from to fit your specifications.
Now, our wooden roses  are a splendid way to using all kind of situations.  they have been indispensable for the people life.
Please inquire about the preferences you have.
Tell Us About the Arrangement You'd Like, including type of flower, size, colors, wrapping, etc. We respect your privacy and do not share your personal information.